This course builds the ability of both managers and employees to be able to recognize conflict,understand the nature of conflict, and bring swift and just resolution to conflict and become effective negotiators.

By the end of this training participants’ will be able to;

• Recognize how our own attitudes and actions impact on others and how these can result into a conflict

• Clearly articulate the causes of conflict,openly acknowledging there will be differing

perceptions of the problem(s)

• Be able to apply the win-win negotiating strategy in various situations, including contract negotiations as well as conflict resolution

• Master the art and techniques of resolving conflict in today’s challenging and highly political workplace

• Understand communication and negotiation skills critical to team performance and project success

• Design an appropriate action plan and strategies to manage inter-group conflict.

The Participants

Human Resource Officers, Human Resource Directors, Heads of Departments, Human Resource Managers, Training Officers and Customer Care Staff

This course examines how the field of organizational development facilitates effective change management within a business context. It explores the essential skills of the OD practitioner, change management theories and processes, highlights the types of interventions and programs that should be considered and the importance of line and staff functions to ensure a successful change effort.

Course benefits

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Appreciate the field of organizational development and how it contributes to effective management of change

• Clearly understand the concept of organizational development as it relates to the need for change and renewal

• Identify and suggest solutions to the major challenges facing organizations today

• Understand the role of an OD consultant as a change leader and the core competencies of an OD professional

• Know the advantages and disadvantages of using an internal vs. external consultant.

The Participants

Principal and Senior Human Resource Officers, Human Resource Directors, Heads of Department, Human Resource Managers and Training Managers

Today’s business climate puts the onus on the HR department to accept the challenge of doing more with less, while contributing value towards business objectives. 

The HR practitioners need skills to conduct a more in depth analysis of the HR function to identify areas of strength and weakness and where improvements may be needed. 

This invaluable course will enable HR Officers and Managers to effectively review current practices, policies, and procedures, and benchmark best practices against organizations of similar size and/or industry.

Course benefits

• Prepare for and conduct an internal HR audit to ensure that your policies and procedure meet the business needs

• Implement cutting-edge processes to ensure complete legal compliance of your HR function

• Develop techniques to collect and extract critical HR information to improve the quality and effectiveness of your reporting

• Measure the effectiveness of the organization’s procedures and how they impact on the bottom line

• Drive efficiencies within HR and make cost savings within the organization.

Who should attend

Designed for HR Directors, Managers and Policy Advisors, HR Audit Staff, Employee Relations Professionals and Heads of Departments.

Organizational management and the quest for efficiency continue to create greater challenges to the human resource practitioner. This therefore creates a need for proactive human resource, highly skilled and knowledgeable, to be able to

deliver organizational goals and objectives within a dynamic business environment.

Course objectives

• Equip participants with the know how to devise and implement cost-effective HR policy framework that is aligned with organizational goals and objectives

• Streamline the Human Resource Management system to be able to facilitate the development or organisational competencies through eliciting employees’ commitment and innovation

• Know how to apply strategic Management and leadership to unlock productivity in the


• Understand how to develop talent in all employees and align human resource systems

and senior leadership commitment with that goal.

Who should attend

Designed for HR Directors, Managers and Policy Advisors, HR Audit Staff, Employee Relations Professionals and Heads of Organizational Development