This interactive course gives you a chance to discover the latest trends in inventory management, what processes are strengthening supply chains across organizations, and what inventory management technology is used today and what`s on the horizon.

Course benefits

  •  Plan and manage inventory with complex demand pattern
  •   Budget and cost resources and other consumables for inventory and warehouse management
  •    Set up key controls and ensure security matters
  •    Understand inventory and ware house management systems
  •    Demonstrate skills to train and develop inventory management staff

This invaluable course is aimed at bridging the common gaps in purchasing and supply management function in order to ensure continuous improvement and increased performance. This is a practical course focusing on the right procedures and ensures flexibility in purchasing and supply management putting into consideration time and cost constraints. It explores the essentials of purchasing and its contribution to the smooth running and performance of the organization

 Course benefits

By the end of the training, participants should be able to;

  •  Fully understand the role of purchasing and supply management in organization
  • To develop purchasing plans and execute them on time
  •  Identify and work well with various stakeholders both internal and external
  • Set key performance indicators (KPIs) important in procurement reporting
  • Understand and apply the latest purchasing and supplies management software

Unlike funds provided by the home government under a specific vote and can be spent in line with the set guidelines and procedures, funds advanced by the donor community have to be accounted for in a specific framework and guidelines provided by the donor governments or organizations.

In many instances procurement guidelines set by the donors conflict with national procurement guidelines and other acts. Procurement officers often find it difficult to harmonize donor procurement requirements with those of the home government thus resulting into delays and sluggish procurement processes.


Course benefits

At the end of this 2 weeks training participants should be able to

  •   Know the procurement principles and procedures for donor projects.
  •   Analyze and interpret projects/programs TORs effectively.
  •    Effectively meet donor funds audit requirements to ensure compliance with standards and methods within existing legal and administrative framework.
  •    Learn how to harmonize donor procurement regulations with those of the recipient country
  •   Effectively manage multiple donor procurement requirements.
  •    Meet donors’ reporting requirements effectively and in a timely manner.

Stores management is a critical function that determines success or failure of any institution, as ineffective stock control can result in delays, disruption in supply, wastage and poor service delivery.

This Program provides essentials for efficient and effective stores management. It equips store managers and other professionals with knowledge, skills and techniques to manage more than just the store and inventory; but also manage stores personnel: plan, organize and co-ordinate works, train, supervise and motivate stores personnel.

Course benefits

  • ·         Plan and manage inventory with complex demand pattern.
  • ·         Budget and cost resources and other consumables for inventory and warehouse management.
  • ·         Set up key controls and ensure security matters.
  • ·         Understand inventory and ware house management systems.
  • ·         Demonstrate skills to train and develop inventory management staff.

Public Procurement and disposal systems and Multi-Lateral Donor Organizations’ procurement guidelines require that annual independent procurement audits/reviews be conducted. This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to be able to carry out an effective public procurement audit.

Course Benefits

• To ensure that government entities understand the importance of their fiduciary responsibilities regarding procurement activities responsibilities regarding procurement activities

 • Reduce negligence in procurement management, decision-making and oversight

• To ensure that an environment conducive to corrupt and fraudulent practices is not allowed to develop and that any such practices are brought to light and eliminated in time 

• Participants will gain ability to monitor both procurement and audit functions. 

Public procurement has undoubtedly become an important issue in economic and business circles globally. This is evidenced by the growing interest of donors, civil society organisations, the private sector and the general public on matters of public procurement. To ensure transparency and accountability in the public procurement process, there is need for strengthening public procuring entities. 

Course benefits

By the end of this training, participants should be able to: 

• Develop the necessary capacity to plan and manage the procurement process 

• Gain an understanding of supplier development,relation and chain management

• Assess and manage risk associated with the procurement process 

• Conduct market research, document suppliers and other activities that facilitate the procurement process.

• Demonstrate effective financial analysis and cost control

• Plan and effectively manage contracts

• Negotiate effectively and resolve procurement conflicts professionally.