Prospective staff

We believe that you are eager to join this  institution, there three tests which you must pass with average of 85%.

Remember that you are competing and we  will take the best. ACADRI has a right not to take on any applicant even when you have passed the test.

Be sincere to yourself as you answer the questions 

This is an intelligent leaner management system that records you activities on line during this assessment any attempts to cheat, or browse the internet will automatically disqualify you. 

Today's corporate trainers are continually faced with the challenges of preparing employees for new roles, helping redesign employees’ practices, and supporting and driving the corporate culture. Today, uncertainty has caused organizations to change the way they train, what they train, and how they do it.

Workplace trainers are expected to be able to coach, reflect, give and receive feedback, test and assess, organize, and collaborate. They must also show that they have insight into their own learning process and goals.

There is therefore need to set high standards during the training of trainers because the quality, impact, and effectiveness of the training in and organization largely depends on them. Our approach to this training will therefore centre on the techniques and strategies that help trainers to train properly and effectively