Governments around the world depend on effective senior leadership to deliver services.  Leadership determines whether government programs will be run efficiently and produce the performance and results citizens expect and deserve or have high levels of inefficiency and wastage.

The challenges of citizen involvement, technology, demographics and globalization have drastically changed expectations and organizations are now seeking new ways of governing, engaging partners and delivering services. Leaders in these organizations must be forward-looking seeking advanced practices on structure, training, technology and citizen engagement.

Today’s Leaders must set a clear sense of direction with a compelling vision and crafting strategies to reach the vision.  They need to align people around that vision through clear and extensive communication, widespread involvement, and personal example, and motivating and inspiring others through satisfying important human needs and create synergy.


In this era of budget deficits and demand to cut spending, it is even more important for our government to be efficient to deliver services in a more cost effective manner reducing losses and wastage.  Be more accountable to citizens.

To achieve all the above, we need leaders of character, Leaders who are self-driven with high levels of integrity, stewardship and commitment

This course is designed to provide participants with clear understanding and necessary skills and competences to be able to carry out strategic organizational development. 

The course will expose participants to various stages of change from strategic analysis through implementation and it will also examine the overall impact of change on the development and growth of the organization.

Course benefits

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

• Understand the dynamic business environment and its impact on organization’s operations

• Understand and apply various strategic analysis tools

• Examine why change is resisted and the techniques to fight resistance

• Gain clear understanding of the processes, procedures, systems and policies to support OD

• Plan, organize and implement change using appropriate problem solving and decision

making techniques.

The delegates

Principal Human Resource Officers, Senior Human Resource Officers, Human Resource Managers, Heads of Departments, Planners, Economists, Systems administrators and Policy Analysts.

In order to meet the changing demands of today’s environment organizations have to be more flexible, adaptive, entrepreneurial, and innovative. Appropriate leadership is required to effect such change in order to improve and transform organizations.

By the end of the training Participants will be able to

• Be a leader who not only cultivates attractive and profitable visions for the future of teams,companies, and organizations, but develop solid strategies for achieving goals and results

• Acquire the ability to bring different work groups together for a shared purpose by

communicating the direction, building a shared sense of understanding, getting

people to believe in their vision, and persuading people to enact key strategies

• Surmount potential roadblocks on the path to change by energizing employees and

satisfying their core needs.

In this era of dramatic changes in the business world and work environments, Administrative Professionals have never been more challenged and stretch than they are today. They are expected to plan, manage, mentor and lead others. This new trend requires them to have essential management skills. In this exciting course, participants will learn the powerful techniques of management with high impact approaches that will give them the confidence, power, and knowledge required. Course benefits • Clearly understand the managerial role and its requirements • Conduct performance review and realign processes • Effectively manage organizational resources • Become an outstanding supervisor; Coach and mentor others effectively • Manage projects, write effective progress reports and deliver powerful presentations.