Today, Administrative Professionals often report to multiple managers and have to juggle daily responsibilities with special projects. All this demands a large investment of time and requires one to stretch their skills to coordinate the work of others, identify project requirements, determine the optimum mix of scarce resources and set project goals.


Course benefits


  •  Learn the skills to plan, organize, and control projects of any size.
  •  Gain an understanding of how one can apply project management techniques to one’s workplace projects.
  •  Learn what is required to inspire, motivate and lead a successful project team.
  •  Master the role of a project manager and track projects using the latest project software.

  • Organize and track all project resources to maximize productivity.
  • Anticipate problems and solve them as they arise.
  • Manage time while juggling multiple projects with ongoing daily responsibilities.
  • Know how to accurately report on the status of a project.