Being and executive assistant is a unique position that needs a unique set of skills to thrive and achieve long term success. With rapid changes in the business practices, and the emergency of technology the role has evolved from a traditional “typist” into a multi-skilled, dynamic member of the management team. The executive assistant has to interface with clients, donors, the board and senior management.

This complex , challenging and dynamic role requires a unique set of skills and a proactive approach in order to build excellent effective relationships, understand others and deliver results. This program is designed to produce a definitive Executive assistant of the 21st Century.


At end of this training, participants will be able to;

·Learn the life skills that will enrich their work life and enable them to build excellent working relations with peers and senior managers

· Be a public face and representative of your boss by mirroring their style , values and work ethics.

· Develop emotional intelligence and know what is more productive to manage emotions rather than be led by them.

· Keep well informed about the industry they work in  , trends in the organization and changes in technology