The role of Executive Secretaries and other Administrative Professionals is growing exponentially and has never been diverse as it is today. Admin professionals are no longer just working for the Boss but working with them. They are increasingly required to perform demanding roles on behalf of their bosses and other Managers such as preparing executive reports, making presentations, attending and even making contributions during management meetings.

This challenging role makes it imperative that Administrate professionals get sufficient knowledge and understanding of the operations of the organization as She/he has to make management decisions that not only affect the Boss but the organization as a whole.

This course introduces an advanced approach to the essentials of Strategic Thinking, Project Management, decision making and Reporting, Leadership, and Information Technology.

         Understand the essentials of corporate behaviour and the role of an executive Assistant. 

         Clearly understand the organizational mandate and all you need to know as an Executive Secretary in that organization. 

         Know what is required of you when called upon to represent your Manager or make decisions on his/her behalf

         Become an effective presenter by clearly articulating issues before management and colleagues

         Understand the linkages between   Plans, strategy, projects,  operations and reporting

         Enhance your business writing skills and be able to write effective reports and other documents

         Appreciate the role of protocol, diplomacy and strategic relationship management in an organization.

         Master the art of multi-tasking and basic problem     solving