The objective of this program is to take participants through the fundamentals and intermediate levels of the various MS office software applications. The program includes general knowledge of the operating system, the Internet, network connections and general computer applications. Participants will also learn about accounting and cash management software and related principles.

Participants will gain proficiency in MS Office programs packages such as Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Page Maker and others required in a wide variety of modern office operations.

At the end of the two weeks, participants should be able to;

·         Understand  the basic features of Microsoft Office, Windows basics, and file management

·         Understand how to network computers to facilitate Office Systems and Procedures

·         Explore issues such as protection from viruses, spyware and hardware; data backup and recovery; organiz­ing files; connecting to the internet; setting up a home network

·         Apply advanced features of Excel to design and create accurate, professional worksheets for use in business and industry.

·         Customize  Windows interface; installing/uninstalling software; speeding up operating systems; maintaining and optimizing a PC to run at its best

·         Develop familiarity with the web design process. Includes basic web terminology, uploading pages to a server (FTP), and optimizing graphics

·         Clearly understand basic features of Microsoft Access and database management concepts including tables, forms, reports, queries, and basic macros.